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Maybe someday I'll use this place xD

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Well alright XD. You guys go ahead and do what you want then. Thanks again for both of your compliments, and you both take care.

I'm following you on my own principals. I'm not really into what you write about. But you carry yourself in a way that gained my respect. As my friend Kierkegaard you are chill.

Well alright XD. Even though I know you wouldn't like what I'd be posting, I'm at least not posting it very often enough to bother anyone. And nothing a simple "delete from inbox" thing wouldn't solve.

I, too, am following because of your chillness.

Haha XD, I've seen so many of those types of people to know better than to act like them. I was ignorant of what this website was about, and now I know. So yeah, no hard feelings to those people and now we're all moving on. I appreciate the compliments, but I'm curious to know why you'd follow me XD. I mean, you yourself admitted you're not into what I do; even though I'll only be posting blogs with links and updating chapters for 1 of my stories (which seems more obscure with its tags and is sent to the audience whom I'm writing for).

Sooooo, care to explain? :raritywink:

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