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Just a random guy who enjoys reading, watching Protonjon streams, and is obsessed with music, My Little Pony, and Youtube. Drop the bass.


Happy Nightmare Night · 7:46pm October 31st

Happy Nightmare Night/ Halloween everypony! I hope everyone is having a scary good day and will have a frightfully awesome night. Now I go to celebrate with some Beetlejuice themes. Here we go...


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New mlp movie · 8:49pm September 25th

I just finished watching My Little Pony: A New Generation, and I will say I was cautious going into it. Now that I have seen it I can honestly say I enjoyed it. Friendship is Magic helped me through a rough time in my life, and watching A new Generation has shown that while the characters have changed I feel the same "magic" that helped me will continue. So with one final thought I will say I hope the next My Little Pony series can help others find the calm Friendship is Magic gave me.

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I'm alright · 2:48pm September 15th

Sooooo, my house almost caught on fire. My parents put a blanket in the dryer before they left, and it caught fire and filled the house with smoke. After I found out I quickly put out the fire and called them. We are lucky it didn't spread, and that I had not left yet. I am airing the house out, but the dryer if totaled. Now I just have to make sure I don't have any breathing problems from the smoke, but right now I feel OK. Let's hope it stays that way.

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Birthday · 1:27am July 11th

Happy Birthday to me. I forgot to post this this morning, but I can say I had a good day today. I went to a pizza place called The Mellow Mushroom; it's space themed with a hint of stoner jokes; got to see my sisters and my nephews, and got a Falcon and Winter Soldier shirt, a Dragon Ball with a key chain in it, and a Deadpool 30th anniversary blindbox. I am laughing at the fact it is a hipster Deadpool. Here is the picture. The only difference is the one I got has glasses and holding the cup

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Masked Singer follow up · 1:18am May 27th

So I was wrong about Black Swan. I thought it was Emily Blunt, but it was Jojo. I was so sure when I saw a pony OC and an umbrella in the same clue package.

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Masked Singer · 1:17am May 6th

Hey everypony. For those who watch The Masked Singer, did you notice that the Black Swan had an Earth Pony in the clue package? I think combined with the umbrella clue we might have Emily Blunt, also known as Tempest Shadow, as a contestant. Let me now what you think.

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Blast from my past · 2:06am April 26th

I have re-discovered one of the first fan songs I heard from my early days as a Brony. I found it originally when I was looking for some good Vinyl and Octavia videos.

And as a bonus here are some of my favorite's from that time.

One of my favorite songs to listen to still.

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I wonder if this is chance or fate... · 2:38am March 8th

This morning I was looking through Twitter and came across a post from Protonjon about him reopening his merch shop with a hoodie he was talking about making for sale. 4:00 roles around and my aunt calls me up asking for help cleaning my grandfathers room. I go over and she tells while we were cleaning that she owes me big time for helping (it was a massive mess on a epic scale). I told her about the hoodie and she told me she would pay for it. So is it chance or fate the day I found out about

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Vivzipop · 11:05pm Dec 17th, 2020

So I ordered a shirt from Hellova boss after Thanksgiving, and it just arrived today. It looks awesome. It has Loona on it surrounded by bones on her phone. I was not expecting the bones to be pink though. I think it makes it cooler.

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Question · 6:49pm Nov 19th, 2020

Is anyone else having trouble accessing Derpibooru?

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