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Just a person that reads, writes, and reviews stuff. Oh, and draws.


I’m alive again. · 10:59pm Sep 1st, 2022

Came back and confused as to how to see anything here. Is anyone still around? Oh, and I don’t even know how to write stories anymore not.. that I was probably ever good in the first place.

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I'm back again. · 6:16pm Aug 20th, 2020

Is anyone around? *echoes*

Sup guys, glad to be able to log back on to this website. How's everyone? (If anyone is still around)

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Yeah, I'm still alive · 5:03am Jul 7th, 2019

So I've been away for like months, I'm sure at this point no one or nopony (is that still a thing? Idk) noticed. I've got a job and I'm about to start a year course in September and work everyday of the week except the weekend and I've gotten in to taking my art practice more seriously so I barely had and still barely have time to come on here, so my writing and editing skills pretty much died and my knowledge of fimfiction grew stale but I still want to get to finishing and starting new

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Regarding my Editing and Proofreading Availability · 6:31pm Sep 14th, 2018

Okay so everyone waiting for edits and proofreads from me will have to wait till tomorrow night. And my availability for all related work will be on Saturdays and sometimes Sunday. Days may change in the coming weeks but for now that is what it is for my availability. Thank you for reading.

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Proofreading Services Reminder · 6:02am Jul 26th, 2018

I just want to remind everyone that if they have a story that needs proofreading that I'm here and available to take their story. I work only with gdocs and only make suggestions for each author to make changes as they see fit. Just pm me and I will working with you.


My Proofreading Status · 2:46pm Jul 18th, 2018

I am an active Proofreader at The Proofreader Group. If you guys have stories that need proofreading, make a request in the forums and I'll be happy to help. Please keep in mind that proofreading is different to editing. I'm not so good at the latter, but I will edit where I can. Thank you for reading. I will put link to the group in the comment section.

I will also have another blog out within the next two weeks on reviewing stories. Thank you.

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I'm back and here to stay. · 12:04pm Jul 16th, 2018

Hello again to friends and to everyone.

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Story Progress Update · 5:51pm Jan 12th, 2017

Below are a list of stories that are going to coming out and that are going to be updated. When you want to know when any of my stories are going to be out or out with new chapters just read this. This will also be available on my front page. From this point on, it will begin updating.

The Monsters of Faust's Past Ch. #?
[▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮] (Editing Chapters)
Fall of the Parliament Ch. TBA

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Story Recommendations Blog #2 · 2:14pm Nov 8th, 2016

Hello Fimfiction, today on Election Day I'm reccomending a few stories today. If you guys want your stories to be recommended you could PM me for next reccomendation. I also will give my view on who you vote for today. Vote for Hillary. Now with that said, here are today's line up of stories.

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Story Projects That [You] could Comment and Improve! · 3:57pm Nov 5th, 2016