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Bit of a set back... · 10:30pm Mar 29th, 2017

To be honest I have not gotten around to begin writing this next chapter because things kept coming up. Mostly it's because my laptop is falling apart and I have no employment so I don't exactly have a source of income to get it fixed or to just buy a new one. It's been a bit hard for me to get a job. I'm just sorry I let you down.

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I'm a bit nervous · 2:24am Feb 14th, 2017

Hi, most of you know me as Conikiblasu's translator. After giving the part of writing the rest of our third fanfic together I admit I'm a bit nervous. I have written my own stories before but they are nothing like his and I'm super worried that this next chapter won't be as great as what we previously wrote. Our regular system of writing was he would write a chapter in Spanish and I would translate it to English and post it on fanfiction websites with his permission. Now it's different because

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Friendship Is Magic · 4:09am Jan 19th, 2016

This was like back in 2014, I was scrolling along through Fanfiction.net looking for any mlp fanfictions and I found some in Spanish. There was one in particular that caught my attention. I read the first few chapters and I actually liked it. When that author asked for a volunteer who would translate the fanfic from Spanish to English, I was the first one to volunteer. Working with him...was hard at first because he didn't like my writing style because it was a literal translation from Spanish

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Dear my readers · 3:01am Oct 27th, 2015

As of recently I have been spending way too much time online and I have not only been neglecting my friends but also my personal health. I keep forgetting to eat, and to even blink. I've become tired all the time and I keep forgetting to take my daily vitamins. So I am taking a break from being online all the time until I can get my personal health back on track, my body is already beginning to shut down on me and if I don't stop I could maybe probably die. I don't know when i will be back

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