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Latino. I guarantee you'll never get a hateful comment from me. Plenty of stupid ones though.


Don't call it a comeback! · 6:23am Sep 3rd, 2018

Hi! (To whom it may make give a f:yay:ck about)

One year has passed since my last blog. Surprising how much things change in just one year.

I've also been away from this website for several months.

I'm still working the same job, for a little over a year now. It is the longest I've lasted on any job so far.

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I'm High (mislead) · 4:39am Sep 9th, 2017

Sup my fellow bro's!!

I finally got a job!! Weeeeee.... ahem
I'm also learning how to play harmonica.

Anyway, fuck the series, I'm staying 'round here forever.

Featured Story by me matey B_25
---I Didn't Mean to Kiss Scootaloo---

This shit's got me thinking. I'm a loner, so that gives ya enough insight.
Fucking read that story. I mean it.

See ya on the flip side (assuming anyone reads this shit)

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Trial by fire... and error with feedback · 11:45pm Jul 20th, 2017

Ahoy ye scallywags!!

So today I had a test on whether I could be an english teacher. Job adds, you know the deal
And even though I didn't do good enough by their standards and failed miserably by mine...
I don't regret anything. Which is new for me. Seriously.
I couldn't have done better if I had a month to prepare, because frankly, it was pretty much sink or swim.
I'm proud of myself either way. I did the best I could, I put all my skills to it, and I learned a lot.

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The Wager · 2:02am Jan 6th, 2017

So... to everyone that wondered (that means you B_25, and no one else) about my last blog.
I just made a huge bet, with the highest stakes: My life.
And if I won still remains to be seen.
I move out of my mom's house indefinitely, and even to another city altogether.
Even though I felt I would be alone in this matter, turns out there's still people who cared enough to lend me a hand in this. And not just a pick-me-up but a real back-up kick!

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'Tis the end...(y wea) · 12:54am Jan 4th, 2017

33 Hours 'till the end.
EDIT: Now only 12 and counting.

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Question...(pre'unta) · 6:51pm Oct 20th, 2016

Yesterday a thought came to mind, and I decided to ask my followers about it (yes, the whole three of you)
I've already said we're a bunch of weirdos, and I've heard a while ago that it was kinda ironic that a kid's show could teach us how to live and treat each other correctly. So here's my question:

Do you apply on your life what you have learned from the show? Or perhaps what you've learned from a fan-fic?

Thanks for your attention.
Smell ya later.

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Bronypyphany (sep) · 8:34pm May 16th, 2016

I haven't watched the series for a loooong time...mostly 'cause I got no money, no internet, no time and what have you. And I'm not that interested.
But here's the thing: I'm addicted to fan-works. Yup, I am.
First with Turnabout Storm (PWaaMLPfim series and the adaptation by RavenRegios), then Past Sins (by Lord Pen Stroke), then the Anthology series (*squee*), the Mentally Advance Series (lol), EEE by KiltedKey (lol too), and all the art and fics I've seen over the years...

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Back from the death!! (and internet dysfuction) · 1:16am Aug 8th, 2014

Greetings to whoever read this.

I'm back and waiting for the new stuff around here. My country got hit by some mayor catastrophes and some shit happened in my life.
Goin' active again. Be waiting for me to comment some stupid stuff on your fanfics.

See ya later!


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EARTHQUAKE!! (no april's fool) · 1:11am Apr 2nd, 2014

We just had an earthquake with tsunami included. BUCK! I'm not in danger but, damn, there's so many people down there. Wish us luck, my brony brothers.
EDIT: I forgot. I'm talking about Chile.

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All Hail the uuhh... President?(meh) · 9:58pm Dec 22nd, 2013

So, the new president ( or who I respecfully call "the clown on comand") is a Michelle Bachelet (no pun intended) witch would be the second time she's up there and if you're chilean, let me tell you, I wouldn't expect ANY improvement whatsoever this time around.

I prefer Ivory Scroll as president, heck, even fricking Twilight (yeah, imagine an OCD with power).

See ya


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