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my editor is burnt out............ or dead · 1:12pm Aug 8th, 2014

so what should I do here my editor is KO and I have two chapters to upload but I don't know about them...

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problems with From 54 · 12:41pm Jan 3rd, 2014

well as of now my story has hit a big wall I have a idea but now way of how to implemented it if anyone has any idea please contact me

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How to preen your chicken review · 2:30pm Jul 21st, 2013

How to preen your chicken, this has to be on of the greatest rainbow dash scootalo stroies iv read thought iv only read about three but not the case this is short but no longer than it has to be the name is a massive suckerpunch if thats the right term and i have to say its great read made me swell up with joy and i hope that its something the show dose really i do hope it dose this

i do recomened it

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An Unlikely Villain: From Fluttershy to Brevity Thrash and Back Again review · 2:28pm Jul 21st, 2013

stories that feture fluttershy as a villan are somthing i rarely come across let along one that has her as an alicorn as the name shows our little fluttershy becomes her nightmare form "Brevity Thrash" someone who dose not like getting pudhed around it remineds me a lot of an episode but i cant put a name to it right now (maybe the one with iron will) but it shows great use of charaters and some well placed vilonce the reforming twist seemed to fall into my "this would be better if it was a

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review cupcakes 3 (a cupcakes parody) · 2:51pm Jul 20th, 2013

cupcakes 3

i have to say this was a surpirse i didint expect to see somthing like this a compleat 180 on what cupcakes is the protrail of derpy(dizy) as a spy was a suprise and the content was very soft to the orignal one but this was lest than what i was (strangly) hoping for this is still a great one

i do recomended it

link: http://www.wattpad.com/21284647-cupcakes-3#.UeE0NdLVDlU

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