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I've never read this much before I started reading pony fics.


AAAAAAAB here! (Yes, I changed my name) · 9:32am Jun 27th, 2013

First update for my small audience in a long time.

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New Announcement! · 12:20am Oct 30th, 2012

Okay, out of the 16 of you that follow me here, no idea how many of you will actually read this, but I've pretty much scrapped the Dark Secret revival.

Instead, I'm working on something much better!

Two other FimFiction users and I are working on a new fic, which you can find here. Check it out if you're interested! It will be a pretty long ride, but it'll be fun, and plenty of things will happen!

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Announcement! Also, first Blog Post! · 9:13am Jul 11th, 2012

Hello everypony who happens to read this!

I am announcing that I plan on beginning to rewrite In Youth Eternal - A Dark Secret. To be honest, I feel that it could have turned out better. It will improved and retconned, so many things will likely be different from the original story.

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