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I've never read this much before I started reading pony fics.

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    AAAAAAAB here! (Yes, I changed my name)

    First update for my small audience in a long time.

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    New Announcement!

    Okay, out of the 16 of you that follow me here, no idea how many of you will actually read this, but I've pretty much scrapped the Dark Secret revival.

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    Hello everypony who happens to read this!

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AAAAAAAB here! (Yes, I changed my name) · 9:32am Jun 27th, 2013

First update for my small audience in a long time.

So, that one joint project was a bust and was scrapped long ago. However, I have good news. I am currently contriving a new story that I actually feel good about. I took a long time off from writing and I finally feel like getting back into it. For those of you that did like Dark Secret, I bet this will be much better! During my time off from writing, that didn't stop me from getting wiser and learning new things. I am reasonably sure this will turn out to be a fine new story.

So, keep a heads up! I don't know when this new story of mine will come out, but you can expect it down the road.

Barbecue Sauce signing off!

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