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Where should Twilight go next? · 11:11pm Oct 15th, 2020

Below is a straw poll containing possible choices.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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When life sucker punches you. · 1:28am Nov 14th, 2018

Sorry guys I haven't had much time to write as life just upturned twice in a short while for me recently. Once things have calmed down I'll get back into writing. In the meantime know that unless I state otherwise I will get around to all my current active projects non have been cancelled.

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Do you want to see a couple of chapters focusing on Luna? · 7:28pm Jun 15th, 2017

Hi guys recently felt like I have been neglecting lulu, and was thinking of writing a few chapters focusing on her and get some development in for her. What do you think and is there any characters you wish to see more of?


Updates and news · 12:58pm Mar 17th, 2017

Hi guys, i thought I'd give you all a heads up and say chapters one through four of guided by the light have been rewritten. The rewrite adds some clarification on parts expands on the story and changes the perspective.
Love thicker than blood's latest chapter is still in the works and i hope to get it out soon.
After which i shall do the next chapter of even goddesses need love.
And I'll then start work on the rewrite of guided by the light chapter five.

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Palutena's character sheet. · 9:14pm Dec 4th, 2016

Name: Palutena epithets: goddess of Light, of craftsman, of wisdom, of darkness, of Balance, dragoness of balance. The spell merchant.
age: 1020 years
Affinity: true neutral

Shapeshifter: You gained the ability to morph and shape your body at will with no detriment, you can become anyone or anything you like or morph parts of your body. the familiar the form the easier it is to maintain.

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Palutena's guidance(ask palutena) · 10:48am Nov 24th, 2016

I got this idea from clockworklich, so credit where credit is due.

Place any questions you may have for Palutena or other characters, in the comments section below, and she or the characters in question will answer them in the story. All questions are welcome, questions that would require a spoiler, won't get answers until the thing they spoil is revealed.

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A question regarding her daughter. · 6:54pm Nov 23rd, 2016

IF and understand that's a big IF I redux 'Her Daughter' what elements would you prefer I retain or what would you prefer me to discard?

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Ponies react to anime. · 12:57pm Nov 10th, 2016

Hey guys, after I finish the next couple of chapters in a few fics, I want to do a series of short stories in the same vein as ponies react to death battle and red vs blue. As such I'd like to do one for anime before each story posted there I will post a blog to enable you to vote or ask you to suggest an anime.

First choices are
Blood C
Hellsing ultimate
Koreha zombie desuka

Suggestions accepted vote by naming the series in comments.


My fabric is canon sort of · 1:50pm Sep 22nd, 2016

so apparently magic is seeping into eqg world just like it did in even goddesses need love.i don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing


Update 15/09/2016 · 9:23am Sep 15th, 2016

Hi folks! Thank you for your continued patience with me, I feel like I should give you guys an update. First off I am currently writing the first intermission chapter, these chapters will be used to explore various topics either glossed over in the main story line or brought up as part of dialogue, helping to flesh out the world, which eventually will be used as fertile soil for other stories by other writers in the world.

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