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If anyone wants to send me any fan art or cover art, send it to my deviant art page, I would love some fan art. Other Name RIspy5655. My Editor is PinkieLunaShy, for all the stories.


I have an Idea and would like imput (The New Neighbors) · 1:02pm Oct 28th, 2014

So I was thinking of getting rid of Dawning ink as the mother and them just not having one, or one of the main 6 or Luna, be his girlfriend then wife so ill hold a poll.
Here is the Poll

I will stop taking votes on the 10 of November.

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My List of Things I will really, really Try to Do. But fail at. · 7:24pm Oct 9th, 2014

1. Get a New Chapter of TCoT, The New Neighbors, or The Human Side out each week.
2. Get an Editor for each, or a personal editor
3. Be more Chaotic
4. Get new laptop
5. Write a bit better
6. Be more descriptive
7. Get Good Grades
8. Sleep
9. Do more art
10. Offer prizes
11. Be 20% Cooler
12. Think of more things to type

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So do you people know that feeling you get? · 2:04pm Apr 17th, 2014

So I was sitting in my basement, where I do my deep thinking, and I had a rush of ideas... I now have plans for like 18 stories in my head. Yes, that is a lot, so I am a bit overwhelmed, and fo- Ya a ''BIT'' overwhelmed ? How did you get in here? Intrudawindow *baa-dumm-tss That was just horrible. But, other than that, I have already posted one of the 18 which is Swing! Tavi! Swing!, and others will so be up. Don't fret I am still going to write tCoT and the next chapter will be

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Where is it? I cant find it anywhere.. AH HA here it is... Life -_- · 6:09pm Apr 3rd, 2014

As you can tell by the title of this blog right here and now my life is ruining everything... le sigh, I am working on the story right now and i'm having a friend work on the clop bits ( because no matter how hard I try I can not write clop, I just gave him a outline of what I wanted), as requested but, those will be posted as a separate story for people that don't want to read the clop or don't want to change their rating. I am also very sorry for not posting anything for awhile, I have

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OK, ok... the stuff you guys should know about · 3:05pm Feb 21st, 2014

1st off, Caboose IS NOT MY EDITOR, he is just a good friend that I have, who gives me input
2nd. Writing is hard. Like very hard, Just so you guys know I am pulling this all out of my head,
3rd. I am balancing, School, Bad Grades, A Girlfriend, This story, and My Parents hating me, so ya I got a lot of shit going on.
4th. I want an editor, if you want to be mine then send me a PM.
5th. The reason that it looks rushed is that I want to not forget anything.

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... Dam that blew up · 1:36am Feb 21st, 2014

Well, when I first made this story, I was expecting to get maybe 100 views and I would have been happy with that. Then in the first HOUR 60 views, and I thought ok, so then I played some minecraft and came back after about another hour and i had 150 views O.O so i go cool, then i went to bed. When i woke up, i checked back and low and behold 400 views O.o

So from me to you thank you for your views and your fave's

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