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story · 7:07am Aug 24th, 2014

My fellow followers I was wondering if any of you know anyone would be willing to write a story for me because I absolutly freaking suck at everything I do. As you've seen profile pic that is my alicorn oc half alicorn half sayin I have had the story idea in my head for a long time but I just can't do it so if you know any anyone please get them to pm me if
there interested in the idea. By the way this is in a 777erse where there is a dormant gene in the human body and in rare

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doctor who season 8 · 5:25am Oct 10th, 2013

this is random and I don't fucking care OK getting serious I can't what wait season 8 of doctor who next month how about any of you. One more thing I fucking love all of you.

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