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Audio Scrolls! · 9:10pm Aug 3rd, 2013

Good Morrow Night Court,
In Our last scroll We asked thee for scroll recommendations and We have to say We enjoyed them greatly! We must have very well versed courtiers to suggest such excellent literature and We thank thee for all of thy suggestions. Speaking of excellent literature We mentioned one of our favoured scrolls last week and We are pleased to announce We have found an audio version!

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A long while has passed · 7:03pm Jul 16th, 2013

Greetings loyal Subjects,

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Our search has been fruitless · 11:02am May 28th, 2013

Good Night My Court,
Last week We attempted to find an Artist for Our Night Court but sadly We were unsucessful. So We ask again if anypony knows of an artist to ask them to contact Us at The Night Court. We have been very busy this week with work so We haven't been able to read to many scrolls but We have favourited a few new stories for those who are interested. Doth of of thou have any stories thou recommends?

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Artists wanted. Apply at The Night Court. · 4:37pm May 18th, 2013

Good Twilight Night Court,

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A small milestone · 7:57pm May 12th, 2013

We have hit a milestone today by collecting 10 followers of The Night Court!
We are very grateful to all of Our followers and We are glad thou hast chosen to live in Our beautiful Night. We know 10 court followers is a small number but We hope the number will grow.
Tia is out of the Castle today so We have been relaxing with a long bubble bath without fear of any tricks, it relaxes us wonderfully.

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Questions · 5:14pm May 7th, 2013

Welcome to my new followers, thy princess blesses thou.
Today we are going to pose a question about story comments. As you know we are attempting to make a name for ourselves as an honest opinion on stories, part of that is commenting on stories to leave a small opinion.
Here is our question:
Does it annoy you when ponies don't reply to comments?

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Good day Equestria · 5:08pm May 4th, 2013

Good day Equestria.
Thou know who we art so we do not need to introduce ourself.
We enjoy most types of scrolls but we are not too fond of humans. However we are are willing to read them if requested. If thou needs an honest opinion on thine story leave us a comment and we'll check it out.
We are very fond of mind control so let the mind control be doubled!

Farewell for now subjects.

Thy Princess of the night.

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