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A long while has passed · 7:03pm Jul 16th, 2013

Greetings loyal Subjects,
It has been a long while since We have posted to Our courts. Sadly We have been very busy with work and as such have not had time to read so many scrolls as We normally do to fill Our time. How art all of thou? We hope thou art well, The sunny weather has not been to Our taste unfortunately, We burn so easily in bright sunlight and the other unfortunate side effect is Our skin is so pale We can blind Our self with sunlight reflecting off Our skin.

We have been most disappointed recently as We are now unable to post comments on scrolls in Our favourite manner. Therefore We have not been getting such nice return comments. This makes us unhappy as We enjoy such comments from Our subjects even if they are simply saying thank you.

Doth thou hath any scrolls to recommend to your Princess? We are looking for a new scroll to enjoy, We are not a great fan of H.I.E or crossovers like Bioshock but We will give them a try if they are well written with a good storyline. We are interested in Alternate Universes if they have good storylines. We recently re-read The Return Of Princess Nightmare Moon and it was just as good as We remembered. We very much recommend it to thou!

We must take Our leave now as Our bed and new scrolls calls.
Good Morrow

Thy Princess.

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Good to see you again ma'am. *Salutes*

As Knight said, it's good to see you your majesty.

I agree with u about the sun. I prefer colder places like Germany and Russia. (Germaney and Stalliongrad)

You could check out my stories, Your Highness, if you deem them worthy. (I'd say The Equestria Games, Packed Bags, and Dried Apples are my best.)

And I suggest you try writing yourself, Your Highness. It is a noble sport.

I would recommend a most excellent scroll, Que Sera, Sera, if you haven't read it yet, My Princess.

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