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Vote Bernie Sanders · 11:16pm Jan 12th, 2016

America was made to be a land of opportunity, but bad decisions have been made. Now it's time to make the right choice. Vote Bernie Sanders for President, and maybe will have more than hope for the country we grew up in. Only us Americans can make this happen.

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Why No Zebra? · 5:58pm Sep 3rd, 2015

I don't understand how everyone can make all these pony OC's but maybe one or two people actually want to make a zebra OC. It just boggles me how so few people actually bother to make one. We need something that is original for Christ's sake that isn't a pony for once. It's not just zebra either though. It's griffins, buffalo, and any other talking thing in this overhyped show. We need different species besides ponies in order to make the fan fiction on this site less repetitive, or else every

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