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I. HAVE. RETURNED! · 2:22pm Jan 24th, 2015

I'm back I swear! I can't promise anything like how it use to be, where I would pump out chapters every other night or so, but I'm trying my best!

Chapter 28 is now at about 4300 words which is not even close to finished, but I have finally figured out where to go next, and big things are happening!

I swear to you that you will not have to wait much longer for this chapter. It'll be out before the month ends if it kills me!

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Poeticism plagues my mind when I have writer's block · 6:12am Jul 9th, 2013

Well it finally happened, I encountered writer's block.

It didn't last very long, but one day I was telling my cousin about my writer's block problem, and I suddenly got hit with a wave of poetic justice.

Well, if it's any good that's your choice, but I thought I would share it.

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Break time Ver. 2 · 11:51pm May 2nd, 2013

Chapter 23 will probably take like,
A week.

Just go read those 32 chapters from your favorites that you've been meaning to read, and maybe those 29 read later's.

Or is that just me?

Have fun with your weekend everypony!


I'm not happy with myself really...

Hope it's a good one though, hopefully Chapter 24 won't take as long.

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Break time! · 2:12am Apr 15th, 2013

Hey Everypony!

Just so everypony knows, now that I have chapter 20 out I've decided to stop writing for now, and go back to chapter 1.

What I mean by this is I'm going to take a couple of days off of creating chapters to edit my earlier ones.

They desperately need it, and considering that they're the first chapters, they're the ones that should look nice so people will continue reading.

This is just so everypony knows why Chapter 21 is taking a week, as opposed to like, a day.

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HiE rules? · 2:56am Apr 12th, 2013

I read somewhere on this site, "Rules for writing an HiE" AKA "31 reasons I feel justified for hating on your story."

I'm not talking about just my story, I'm talking about all HiE's

Just because somepony uses some of the same ideas, doesn't mean it's a bad story.

It's a bad execution that makes it a bad story.

Anyways, I was reading through this list and I was laughing my head off about the fact that I violated over half of them. So I'm going to clear some things up.

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What is this anyways? · 8:12pm Mar 28th, 2013

Well I'm totally new at this whole thing and that includes blogging. However I do feel that it's important to put as much as myself out there to interact with people, and hopefully fans.

I haven't been on here for very long, and comparatively I haven't gotten the most views or upvotes, but I do have a couple of people who thought my story was good, and I think that everything I continue writing will be for those who enjoy reading my creations.

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