• Published 23rd Aug 2019
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Edge of Time- The lost world - Assimilated Wolf

Equestria's greatest institute finally get their first science vessel. On it's journey into the unkown, they discovered a weird artifact that changed their world forever

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Sivath Flare is a psychohistorian, a mathematician that studies the historical pattern of vast population and predicts their future. With his neural implants, the cyborg inheres astonishing computing power. He has grown to be a well-known scientist despite his young age. As a psychohistorian, Sivath has not only the skills to solve math problems but also the traits as a historian and a psychologist. He is one of the only few people on board who knows how to decipher ancient binary codes, and that is probably why they send him the computer core of the probe for data extraction.

The computer core is a thirty-centimeter-cubic object set on an anti-gravity cart. After Sivath ran a circuit pathway diagnostic on this core, he is finally able to download the entire computer archive into the onboard computer.

It says:

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 ………

To others, this is just meaningless zeros and ones, but Sivath can read it as plain words as he plugs himself in the computer. He feels something, something interesting, something that can overthrow his entire worldview. The drone can’t hold back his excitement. He calls someone in to share his new discovery.

“Sivath to Thunder, I need you in the Engineering Lab Three at once.”

Meanwhile, Thunder Flare is taking a break in the mess hall, joking with his colleagues. Hearing Sivath’s call, he puts down his coffee mug and stands up.

Thunder taps his badge:” Coming, love.”

Sivath sighs:” I told you just call me by my name or my rank at work.”

“Yes, sir!” Thunder responds sarcastically.

Thunder Flare steps out the mess hall. He walks upstairs to this Engineering Lab Three Sivath working in. He opens the door seeing Sivath waving at him calling him in.

“Thunder, how much do you know about our history?” Sivath sounds excited, even though his face covered with implants is still showing no emotion.

Thunder giggles:” Well, as much as you know. Why do you ask? Haha… We met in the archaeology site on Twilight-4 where you accidentally fell into a….”

“Oh no… no no. That was not what I meant!” Sivath interrupts him and blushes.” I meant the history of our united nation, Equestria Republic.”

“Oh dear, that’s history 101. Why would our omniscient professor ask that?” Thunder rubs Sivath’s cheek with his hoof.

Sivath sighs. He pushes away Thunder’s hoof and points at the console display:” Because, if I am not mistaken, everything we know about our history is about to change.”

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