• Published 2nd Sep 2015
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Flutterbat's Rise - Raidah

With the return of Flutterbat and the transformation of her entire group of friends, including herself; Twilight must put a stop to it all before things go too far.

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Chapter 1: Repercussions

Flutterbat sat overlooking the vast valleys of Equestria, high atop the mountain. She was even above Canterlot, now filled with hundreds of vampire ponies hunting those who were not. Night had fallen not long ago, and she was happy to watch as hell broke loose on ponykind.

Next to her sat Rarity, her red eyes now glowing and full of hatred. She had been fully converted some time ago, and Flutterbat was happy to have someone who she could share the moment with. They watched as several vampire ponies converged on a lone stallion, desperately trying to kick the undead masses away from him, to no avail. Three of them pounced on him all at once, taking him down and biting into his flesh. Sucking him dry of blood.

Flutterbat smiled at the chaos, the fires burning around Canterlot brightening her devilish grin even more. She watched on as the living were either consumed or transformed by the vampires that she had brought down upon them. Fires had started breaking out around the city, and they just kept growing as nopony was left to put them out. She had won. There was nothing anypony could do to stop her now. She would only grow more powerful as more and more vampires would be created, bringing forth an unstoppable army, and there wasn't a single mare or stallion left brave enough to stand against her.

Three Months Earlier

Twilight waited patiently for Pinkie Pie to awaken, holding her good as she lay silent in front of her. The transformation had taken place, and all that was left was for Pinkie to wake up and she would be fine.

"You sure this won't take long?" Twilight asked, looking to Rainbow Dash, who was sitting behind her with her wings wrapped around Applejack.

"I'm sure, Twilight. Just a little longer. She should be up soon," Dash said. "Just remember to take it slowly when she does, she'll need to get her strength up before we can really do anything."

"Right," Twilight said, dully.

Rainbow looked at Twilight with concern, not knowing what else to say. There wasn't really anything else to say, but she knew that Twilight would be upset about this for a while. Applejack knew this as well, but didn't say anything. She knew that Rainbow was right, and whether Twilight liked it or not, they had to let Pinkie rest before they could really do anything to try and stop Fluttershy.

"Where do you think they coulda gone, Rainbow?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. I don't know how this Fluttershy acts, so she could be anywhere."

"That wasn't Fluttershy," Twilight said. "Whatever the hell that was, it wasn't Fluttershy."

Rainbow had no response, and Applejack was speechless as well.

"W-we know that, Twilight. But we don't really have anythin' else ta call 'er," Applejack said.

"We'll use the name Rarity devised the first time she was around; Flutterbat," Twilight said.

"Makes sense to me," Rainbow said. "But what are we gonna do about her? I don't want to kill her, but she needs to be stopped. Maybe we could try changing her back?"

"I don't know if that would work, Rainbow," Twilight said. "Considering that we're all vampires too, I don't know how much good my magic will do if I try something like that."

"Damn..." Rainbow sighed. "Maybe you could try bringing her vampire instincts down like ours?"

"I'm not even sure why we weren't fully taken over..."

"Well..." Applejack said, "it's because Rainbow controlled it. Made the transformation purely physical." She looked at Rainbow Dash affectionately. "At least that's what she did fer me."

"Yeah, but it was Fluttershy that turned me," Twilight stated. "Why am I not a full-blown, bloodthirsty monster?"

Rainbow thought about that for a minute before speaking. It didn't make any sense to her at first, but then she remembered what had happened to her.

"It's because of Pinkie," Rainbow said, earning confused looks from Applejack and Twilight.

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked.

"Before I turned Applejack, I was losing myself to the vampire instincts flowing through my veins..." she looked fondly at Applejack before continuing, "but then I saw Applejack and I remembered the reason I was fighting against it. I had to win. For her."

"Rainbow..." Applejack said, wrapping a wing around Dash's shoulders.

"You must've done the same thing when you saw Pinkie. It's the only thing that makes sense," Rainbow explained.

"But, I don't..." Twilight started, unsure of herself. Her emotions were running wild, trying to piece together if she actually did feel that strongly about Pinkie.

She put together as much as she could: she had noticed that her memories came flowing back to her when she saw Pinkie standing there, and she felt extremely heartbroken about what she had done.

"I... I don't... I can't... How can I feel this way about her? There's no connection, we don't spend as much time together as I do with Rarity or you two, so how can I...?"

"That's just it, Twi," Rainbow said. "You didn't know, but your heart did."

"But how...?" Twilight was at a loss for words.

"Just how it works, I guess," Dash said.

"I'd have always thought I might fall for Rarity or... or even you, Rainbow, if I'm honest. But Pinkie? Never would have thought..."

"Well, maybe you didn't," Rainbow said. "Maybe it was your determination to make things right."

That made a lot more sense to her than anything else. She knew she needed to put a stop to this madness. She knew it more than anything else. Maybe she did feel for Pinkie, but she knew that she needed to stop Flutterbat's rampage; and nothing was going to stop her.

Author's Note:

The long-awaited sequel is alive, my friends. Thanks for being patient with me. I don't expect this to do as well as the original, but that doesn't really matter. I'm continuing the story, and that's what does matter. See y'all later!