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A Little Change in Schedule for "Something's Happened to Scootaloo" · 4:04am Feb 5th, 2016

Hey guys. I feel as though it's time for another update. This one won't be as cheery, but don't fret! I'd hardly call this "bad news" either. To be blunt, I don't think I'm able to keep up with the three day chapter schedule. Here are the 2 reasons why:

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Chapters Every 3 Days For "Something's Happened to Scootaloo"! · 4:21am Jan 26th, 2016

Just providing my readers with a little update. "Something's Happened to Scootaloo" will receive a new chapter every three days. Meaning, tomorrow, on the 26th of January, chapter 3 will be published.

Chapter 4 is set for the 29th. Chapter 5 will be the 1st, etc. etc.

I don't like leaving you guys waiting, so I hope this relieves any concerns.

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