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MLD book hiatus · 1:47pm Jun 12th, 2019

I apologize, but for the time being, the MLD book is on a hiatus.

My goal was I wanted to have something going for Bronycon, after all, this would be a great chance to allow people to get a book. That being said, I've had a lot of things going on, and am behind on a lot of other important, personal affairs. That combined with financial strains, and just the simple fact that I waited way too long to actually make up my mind on doing this project, its just not happening this year.

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Equestrian Stories Book thingie! · 1:43am Apr 19th, 2019

Okay, so I need to do an update about the MLD book, but for now here's a thing I totally forgot about.

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My Little Dashie Print Project · 9:15pm Mar 5th, 2019

This... has been a thing that has bothered me for a number of years.

I won't go into everything here and now, but after lots of thought and convincing, I'm finally deciding to go through with a print project of MLD. So this sounds like a grand, awesome idea right? Neat, maybe. Or some of you could care less.

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Some things to start the new year. · 1:06am Jan 3rd, 2014

Okay, so first off, I'm glad to see a few of you enjoyed that first chapter of Doctor Bees goes to Equestria. I was honestly surprised it hadn't been done yet, so I'm kinda honored to get to do it first. Chapter two is coming along, I'm not gonna say when it will be done, but I'm not not working on it, so that's something.

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