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The expected ending · 3:13am Feb 23rd, 2015

Since I started The Life That Late He Led, I've always had one thing in mind: he lives that life, and then it ends, and Twilight resumes her life as best she can. The trick was finding a good reason for that life to end, other than, well, that's what life does, most of the time.

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Rutsicles · 2:22am Oct 6th, 2014

So I'd come up with an oh-so-clever plot twist, so to speak, and started pouring it out onto the screen.

If that's all I'd done, I might have gotten away with it. But no, I had to go back and look it over just once more, and discovered it had more holes than the Albert Hall.

If I seem quieter than usual, it's because I'm trying to find some way out of it without making it look like I had to find some way out of it.

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We got your minutiae right here · 1:55am Jul 15th, 2014

After knocking out the introduction to Chapter 8 of The Life That Late He Led, I realized that hey, we're half a week into their married life, and I'm on Chapter 8? At this rate, by the time we get to the final unwinding of this thing, it's going to be the size of -- well, okay, not Fallout: Equestria, but still fairly huge.

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Trepidation alert · 2:52am Jul 6th, 2014

Let's assume that everything on that fabled Official Map of Equestria was put there for a reason other than to fill up space. How worried should I be that something in Season Five will wholly undercut a scene set in Hollow Shades?

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In which your scribe actually gets busy · 3:39am Jun 2nd, 2014

At long last, there is an update to The Life That Late He Led. The fact that it was completed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the NBA Western Conference Finals is purely coincidental.

Potential trigger warning: You might want to skip this if the word "sperm" makes you queasy.

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The train to somewhere · 5:46am Mar 9th, 2014

Last weekend was spent moving gigabytes of data from an obsolete computer to, well, a computer that isn't quite so obsolete. (I learned early on that there's always a better machine coming out next month. Or next week.) The joy of not crashing every hour is somewhere between immeasurable and infinite.

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