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One-Shot Tomorrow! · 12:49pm Dec 11th, 2017

For those who care, I have a Christmas-themed story coming tomorrow, its short, and is not special since I did it in my spare time when I was bored, so don't expect much, but I still think its good. It will be centered around two characters from an original story Ive been writing, so no copyright for this entity!

So if you feel like reading something around this time of year, keep and eye out for. All Years Spent Together.

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Need asks · 5:08pm Nov 16th, 2016

Hey, I'm on a bit more and need more asks for my 'Ask Crimson Fang' story. I'm also working on my other stories along with a new one. Any requests for which one should be continued first?

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results