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  • 1 week
    Renegade Finale Preview!

    Enjoy this and the music, Towerfierce.

    Their sufferings may no longer have words, but I remember them well

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  • 2 weeks
    Journeys End Very Soon!

    Just a heads up as Indomitable Journey’s End will drop soon, hope you enjoy! ^_^

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  • 4 weeks
    Journey's End!

    I've been making alot of blogs lately... Ahem - It's been a long time coming, many battles and side-projects dedicated to the small universe I have created and you all really enjoyed it as much as I. Now, it is time to tie it up, or at least the main story itself. Here's the big reveal I've been waiting for!

    Coming July 15th...

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  • 4 weeks
    FrostNova is here!

    Should appear shortly, a little tale of the Yeti Princess in Equestria's Frozen North. Hope you enjoy!

    And now, a picture of FrostNova instead of our favorite Mercenary!


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  • 4 weeks
    Two Uploads Coming

    With a few modifications, Renegade Mature should be more suitable, I hope, I really did try but hey, my word is like... nonexistent in the face of rules. Aside from that, I'll be uploading a small one-shot tomorrow, here's the preview of FIMFiction's second Arknights story! Enjoy~!

    Coming Soon...

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One-Shot Tomorrow! · 12:49pm Dec 11th, 2017

For those who care, I have a Christmas-themed story coming tomorrow, its short, and is not special since I did it in my spare time when I was bored, so don't expect much, but I still think its good. It will be centered around two characters from an original story Ive been writing, so no copyright for this entity!

So if you feel like reading something around this time of year, keep and eye out for. All Years Spent Together.

And if you don't care, then I have no idea why you clicked on this, most likely out of boredom, cool! I'm not alone. Other than that, I'll see you all in the next chapter!


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