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  • 3 weeks
    Forsaken One

    Any that have read my Renegade story will know this one, Forsaken, or Forsaken One by Arknights. This is a boss-type enemy found in a dungeon-like gamemode event in the game, recently, said gamemode has returned and this lovely nightmare made his return to haunt my dreams. It's not a great image but I thought I'd share just cause he was another random addition to Renegade I came up with in his

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  • 10 weeks
    Four Ws

    Another random post of an image I found of all of W's styles overtime in Arknights. That is all.


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  • 14 weeks
    Flaming One-Shot

    Much like with Monster Hunter and Arknights, not enough to this particular media on Fimfiction. Lets fix that. At some point, maybe in a few days. Get ready for a short but fun story of a certain Demon Slayer out on an entirely new mission. Enjoy, and Set Your Heart Ablaze!

    Coming Soon...

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  • 16 weeks
    Mercenary Tales Is Here!

    Just wanted to inform everyone, that is all, enjoy :twilightsmile:


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  • 17 weeks
    Schedule Update!

    Got a couple of updates for once coming very soon, like, one's tomorrow. First and foremost, I posted a short story with my own OC based on my alias, it was fun to write while sleep-deprived, called Silent Melody, check it out if you want. Second, I try to get the opinions of my readers when I make some choices on what to update or publish before I go ahead with my own choice, so part of this

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One-Shot Tomorrow! · 12:49pm Dec 11th, 2017

For those who care, I have a Christmas-themed story coming tomorrow, its short, and is not special since I did it in my spare time when I was bored, so don't expect much, but I still think its good. It will be centered around two characters from an original story Ive been writing, so no copyright for this entity!

So if you feel like reading something around this time of year, keep and eye out for. All Years Spent Together.

And if you don't care, then I have no idea why you clicked on this, most likely out of boredom, cool! I'm not alone. Other than that, I'll see you all in the next chapter!


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