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Ever heard of the Shoggoth? · 2:17pm September 4th

The Shoggoth is a formless, shapeless, beast originally created to serve The Elder Ones when they first came to earth. They served as the perfect Slave-Beasts to the Elder Ones, however around the time The Elder Ones were in a fight with the Mi-Go and Cthulhi, the Shoggoth rose up against their masters, furthering the fall of The Elder Ones. The reason they're formless and shapeless is namely because of the fact they're shapeshifters, with no actuall form, as they are a blob of a bubbling,

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Report Comes Alive · 26 views · #Shoggoth

(Art WIP) Between us servants · 8:24am Sep 22nd, 2015

Spike finally found a friend he can relate to.
Yes, that thing's supposed to be a shoggoth from the Cthulhu mythos.


Pony Shoggoths · 3:41pm Apr 20th, 2017

I haven't looked for any Lovecraft crossovers, but I think it is very probable that these crossovers exist. Anyway, there are some illustrations, made by a computer neural network. Well, I expect something more equine after more learning...


{Published} Chapter VI Al-Azif and the Hard-Boiled Warlock · 3:06pm Feb 25th, 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen the latest chapter in the Symphony of Canterlot has been finished, edited since last night by Menace_Mines .

After a hurricane sent Puerto Rico, my home back to the 17 century from September 23 until December 20, a promised and lackluster monster hunting story that I should have had done by Halloween, and various attempts at finding new employment....

It is finally finished!

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