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Dunkirk · 11:17am Jul 25th, 2017

So I went to go see Dunkirk last Friday night.

I'm very happy to see that it topped the box office charts this weekend.

That's right. A non-comic book, non-franchise, non-animated, historically accurate war film where no minorities were cast to appease the politically correct, actually took first place.

Thank you, theatergoers. And thank you, Christopher Nolan, for an amazing film. Your idiotic comments on Netflix aside, you clearly know your shit.

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Dunkirk: the gem of WW2 movies · 1:21am Jul 27th, 2017

Dear FIMFic,

As I'm sure you can guess by the title, I have just returned from seeing the movie Dunkirk. This is a thrilling movie; far beyond anything I could've thought from the legend Christopher Nolan, and I, much to my own shame, would rank this above his prior masterpiece, The Dark Knight. That's quite a claim to make, but I intend to defend this statement with a spoiler free analysis of why this movie is perhaps the best World War 2 movie ever made.

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