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Pip's First Kiss · 10:47pm Oct 21st, 2017

A little illustration of my favourite toy-ship.

Just to brighten up your day.

When Pipsqueak was approached by am impatient trio of Cutie Mark Crusaders telling him Dinky Doo needed to tell him something in the classroom, alone, he didn't suspect a whole lot.
Though thinking back, he probably should have caught on to something when he saw the trio watching tentatively out the window.

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Morlock · 10:03am Feb 26th, 2017

"Hello children...Can I play too?"

What is it with me and terrifying mutations of ponies? :pinkiecrazy:
This is Morlock, son of Marephistallion.
If you think he's bad wait till you see his father.
Or rather, wait till you see what his father does to others!


Nancy · 9:33am Mar 11th, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!
On this special occasion, I chose to illustrate a character in my Fimfic series who none can deny cares dearly about her son.
A complex character who's been through a lot.

Nancy, Trottingham Laundress and Pipsqueak's mother.

(Top-Left) Stories By The Fire

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Dinky To The Rescue · 6:29pm May 1st, 2017

Giving all my viewers their daily dose of 'Daaaaaaaaaaaw'

One Winter Wrap-Up, Pipsqueak found himself in a bit of a pickle which the CMC, bless them, were unable to properly free him from.
Fortunately, Dinky Doo and Tootsie Flute came prepared.
The correct way to prise a tongue frozen to cold metal with warm water and patience.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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