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Never Giving Up · 2:44am May 26th, 2022

Apologizes in advance for the rant, I just need to get something off my chest. Some of you know this, some don't. For those of you that don't, my favorite show 'The Owl House' had it's third and final season cut down to three specials, barely making it a season anyone. All because Disney doesn't think it 'fits the Disney brand', which is total BS and we know it. Some of the higher ups are just homophobes. They proved that when they tried to cut the same-sex kiss scene in 'Lightyear' and briefly

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Owl House · 5:56pm Aug 1st, 2021

Important announcement about the Third season of The Owl House!

The Owl House's 3rd season unfortunately has been cut short by a big amount of screen time. (We want at least another full season length!) Dana posted on Twitter that we'll be getting a very short season containing just 3 special length episodes; the equivalent of 6 normal episodes. It is confirmed that this will be the last season.

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