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The great thing about villains · 3:59pm June 25th

Hello, all my wonderful readers,

So, the other day, I saw this video by Lightning Bliss on villains and why we (or she) like them:

And, I wanted to share my own thoughts on villains as well:

When it comes to the villains Lightning Bliss listed, I personally am a fan of the sympathetic villain: like Thanos or, in my opinion, Kilmonger from Black Panther, Magneto from X-Men, or even Joker from... well, Joker.

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TF2 Analysis - Lightning Bliss · 3:15pm Aug 17th, 2019

Fiery Joker, I like you – really, I do – but you literally have a video series called ‘Taking Things too Seriously.’ How are you unable to take the one thing that should be taken seriously… well, seriously? What is this one thing, you may ask?
Only the alicorn who is, personally, my favorite. An alicorn I like more than Celestia AND Luna. I am talking, of course, about Lightning Bliss.

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