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Whoops · 3:59am Jan 26th, 2019

Did you ever get all the way through a blog entry...actually post it...and then notice that what you were saying was totally wrong? Had that experience today. Not a pretty picture. I guess I'm just not great at the blog thing, as I use mine for discussion, not just personal stuff. I'll work on it though. Hopefully next time I'll actually be half as profound as I think I am.

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BronyCon 2018? · 6:21am Jul 13th, 2018

Wowzers I've been gone a while huh!

So I am about to start writing on and updating a metric ton of my stories so look forward to that!

As for BronyCon 2018, well yes I will be attending with my roommate Edgewoodblake83 so if you all see me around feel free to approach me and say whats up! Honestly the best way to actually see me is the fact that my hair will be purple (or blue, honestly not sure if I will redye it or not) and I am 99.9% of the time wearing a Pokeball beanie!

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results