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Changelings(Insecta Equus) are insectoid equines with illusionary powers. They have similar attributes to earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns, allowing them to pass off as normal ponies. While most are devoid of emotion, select few have mutated to feel emotions of varying complexity. The most common set of emotions include simply happiness, sadness, and anger, but other, more complex emotion sets can include hate, betrayal, love, and even leadership. All changelings are loyal to their individual swarms, and most place their king and queen first in all things. However, changelings with emotions can be swayed to feel more loyal to other changelings with emotions or even a pony.
Kings and queens are not born, but become so upon either making their own hive to encompass a new swarm or inheriting the swarm they were born in. In changeling society, 'king' and 'queen' are titles given to whichever two changelings begin mutating to fill the empty roles left by their monarchs. It is not, as some ponies believe, a title you gain by being related to one or both of the late rulers. In large hives, there have been cases of the two leaders not meeting for their entire lives. The king and queen are free to pick and choose lovers and mates, and are not at all bound to each other. They are also of equal rank.
In order for a changeling to become royalty, they need to be suited with emotions already. If a changeling with emotions is left without a royal changeling for too long, and is also in the company of five or more other changelings for most of that time, they will begin mutating into a king or queen unless another changeling of the same gender does the same first. During the mutation, extreme hunger is experienced, and their illusion powers go on hiatus. During the transformation, they are extremely vulnerable, and if other royalty find them, they may not survive the encounter. The transformation usually takes about two and a half weeks, but has been known to take half a year in extreme cases. It is unknown what lengthens this time span.
Changelings without emotions can still feel things like physical pain, cold or heat, or fabric. They have been known to attempt to use the emotions of another to their advantage, as the aren't really stupid.
Changeling litters range from about fifteen to twenty five in number, though some litters have been up to fifty young in number. Young changelings have a 1/17 chance to be born with emotions, but 3/4 of the time they are just basic. Only about 1% of the time does a changeling have emotions the can compare to that of a pony. Changelings that do not meet this criteria are considered shallow or even stupid by real ponies standards.

I disagree with this headcanon.

1512817 You're aloud to. I'm not forcing my headcanon to be your headcanon.

1512786 No what? Am I not aloud to have opinions, or do yours just clash with mine?

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