A collection of all the Cupcakes stories I could find (NOTE: only the milesprower06 fics that actually are closely related shall be submitted to this group for him)

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shoot sorry I'm having a lot of trouble with the interface

I don't if this counts, but I wrote a grimdark gore story that ties in a bit with Cupcakes. Can I add that here?

295500 I remember one version where Sugarcube Corner was only able to be kept afloat with the profits from the cupcakes made from her friends. She generally harvested them once a month for bile, blood, phlegm and gall. she erases their memories after, and the decorations are her (now deceased) old friends taxidermied.

does anyone have the version of cupcakes where rainbow dash survives?:unsuresweetie:

Could you add mine, please?

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