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I've been thinking about writing a zombie story for a long time but I don't always have time to think about it and then when ever I do have have time I have zero inspiration so I have decided to ask for help.
My story's name is Virus, still thinking of a new title, the main character is a earth pony by the name of Royal cassette, she is a radio talk host.
The story is not futuristic but the ponies have developed cars, planes, helicopters, and etc.
So if you would like plz help me out here. :pinkiehappy:

2751950 Have her meet four other ponies whom are all good at a specific thing(all of which are immune), then have them search the country/area until they eventually find the cause, and why they're immune.

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Zombie fics are generally based around around big "What if?" questions. What if X number of zombies that follow Y sets of zombie rules are put into world Z? If you can fill in X, Y and Z, then that'll give you a big head start in figuring out what kind of story you want to tell.

You should make her have a daughter who has been separated from her because guards were sent out to take find any survivors that just happened to not die of infection, but she was to late to be taken with the rest of the survivors, and like Epsilon said you should have her meet up with four other ponies.

Okay after having some time away from school I have decided to use all your guy's ideas combined, I'm still trying to think about how exactly the virus is going to spread and how ponies will find out, actually you know... scratch that last part out I believe ponies will find out soon enough when their being ripped apart by the infected.
Thank you kindly for the ideas.

2763913 Sometimes if you don't explain how the zombies came to be, it's scarier then if you do (I hope you understand what I'm saying)

2763959 yeah I understand what your saying and I was kinda thinking about that.

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