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Here's a small peek behind the scenes at F/F/T3K15: Normally, the act of voting through each week's suggestions takes a group of three people roughly an hour to do. It's normally not too much of an issue, and it doesn't often impede getting the riffs out weekly.

However, two particular riffs these last couple weeks, LTD Part One and MLU Part One, have been quite different. They needed much larger groups to handle them over a much longer period of time, the latter of which requiring seven people hammering away at it non-stop for nearly two straight hours due to the amount of suggestions involved.

Having a larger amount of comments can also be hugely detrimental to those with less powerful computers, because it'll often be quite difficult to even load the doc in the first place, let alone properly riff. I must've counted at least 30 disconnects by the people trying to vote on the comments today, and I can't imagine what it's like for some of you trying to riff when there's already 1500+ comments in the doc.

That is why, from tonight's riff on, we're instituting a limit to the amount of riffs that our commenters can add per week. Each individual person is allowed to add up to 300 riffs into each doc, and any riffs added past that limit will be deleted, no matter the quality or context. (This limit does not affect our editors, whose contributions do not affect doc performance. The 300 limit has been specifically chosen as an average between the majority of contributors, whether they be editors or commenters.)

This should allow for a much easier time loading each doc on you guys' end, and much faster end-of-week voting on our end, as well.

Comment posted by SuperAquaLuigi deleted Nov 15th, 2017
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