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What's NCT, you might be wondering. NCT stands for Nonhostile Changeling Takeover, and as the name implies it is the prime way in which changelings will seize control.

As we have already established, changelings are superior to all other species. There is no reason to ask if the takeover should happen or not. The NCT is simply the result of the natural progression of events. It is what will ultimately happen, spreading awareness simply serves to accelerate the process.

Fundamentally, other species are unneeded. They are unnecessary. Changelings can exist by themselves, and fill in the roles of other species better than those species themselves ever could. The extinction of all non-changeling species is the final result of the NCT. It should however be understood that even without the NCT in place, the result would be the same.

The complete disappearance of every non-changeling species is nothing more than the next logical step. It is unavoidable barring extreme countermeasures, but it should be clear to all that it should not be avoided. Changelings are the pinnacle of evolution, and the extinction of all other species is merely the natural result of what millenia of natural selection have led to. It is the culmination of life, and it would be foolish to go against it. Bringing changelings to their own extinction to preserve the continued existence of inferior species would be the greatest mistake possible.

The purpose of the NCT is to bring order into the chaos. Given the realisation of what will happen, and given the understanding that it is indeed the righteous path, the NCT exists as a set of principles to standardise, accelerate, and overall render the process as efficient as possible, while treating the other species in the most considerate way. Extinction is unavoidable, the NCT provides the guidelines to make it as enjoyable as possible for the targeted species.

The NCT revolves around one simple principle, and a series of observations:

  • There is no reason why, in a vacuum, any individual would choose a non-changeling partner over a changeling;
  • Cross-species relationship are culturally accepted as of Twilight Sparkle's second coronation;
  • A changeling mating with another creature will, if the other creature is male, result in changeling offspring;
  • A changeling mating with another creature, if the other creature is female, can result in both changeling offspring or other-species offspring, depending on how the changeling decides to seed its partner;
  • Two creatures of different and non-changeling species mating will result in no offspring;
  • A changeling can both sense emotions and change its own body, meaning it can both perfectly adapt to a partner's wishes and constantly keep their relationship safe by understanding them better than anything else could;

This all leads to a series of simple conclusions. With the rise of a multicultural society, the number of cross-species relationships will rise. These will all result in a lack of offspring, save for those involving changelings. These will assuredly result in changeling offspring 50% of the time. In the other 50%, if left unchecked, they could result in both, wtih an estimated split of half resulting in a final 75% changeling offspring, 25% otherspecies.

However, the principles of the NCT stipulate that mating between a femal otherspecies and a changeling should result in changeling offspring. This will accelerate the extinction process, which would either way be unavoidable given the repeated halving of non-changeling population. Furthermore, it is preferable to bring into the world superior changeling offspring rather than inferior otherspecies offspring. The changelings' ability to control the type of offspring is to be kept secret to the other species.

This will result in a progressive decline in population across otherspecies, and a rise in changeling numbers, in turn leading to more possible changeling-otherspecies couples in the next generation. The NCT further encourages this process, by stipulating that changelings should prioritise seeking relationships with otherspecies. The increased presence of changeling-otherspecies couples will in turn normalise the phenomenon, making creatures more prone to seeking a changeling partner.

The principles of the NCT further encourage this. Based on the simple observation that changelings can reshape themselves to fit a partner's desires, they are required to do as such. Changelings will openly showcase their abilities to fit a creature's likes. They shall intentionally warp the public opinion to convince the public that they are the perfect partners. If necessary, open brothels, so that customers may experience what mating with one is like. 'Changeling is better' shall be a pervasive message, so that every creature is convinced they should prioritise seeking out a changeling partner.

Of course, some may still choose otherspecies partners at first. The main reason being emotional closeness. With time, this too shall be dealt with. Non-changeling couples of different species will produce no offspring, while those containing changelings will produce more changelings. With each successive generation, the number of changelings will rise, while those of ohterspecies will shrink. Each new non-changeling creature will grow up in a more changeling rich environment, in turn increasing its chances to enter a relationship with a changeling partner.

Eventually, the otherspecies groups will be small enough that the choice will be between inbreeding and mating with another species, resulting either in no offspring or changeling offspring. Of course, some may still refuse to engage in relationships with other species. To finalise the process, once the resistance is small enough, the NCT postulates that changelings use their hypnotic powers to overtake the last few surviving members of a species. Eventually, all other species will be extinct, and changelings will rule over everything.

There are of course some specific cases to address. Dragons are long lived, and their extinction might take a long time. To address this, King Thorax has begun working his way through a relationship with the current Dragon Lord. Hypnotic powers have of course been involved, in doses too light for her to notice. This will send a strong message through dragons' culture, normalising the thought of dragon-changeling relationships.

The other major problem left are alicorns. They are however all female. So long as they do not produce offspring for enough generations, it will be possible to stop them from reproducing entirely. Violence may be necessary to subdue them at some point, but it shall be a trivial matter for a species that already captured all of them while in a weaker state. King Thorax himself has however already started some attempts at utilizing the hypnotic magic on them, to let them submit nonviolently. Eventually, either way, the last existing ponies will be integrated into the Great Changeling World Hive, and their magic shall allow the superior species to prosper even further.

Discord remains the only threat. He will have to be neutralised, before he can stop the NCT from being realised. Luckily, his own powers can be neutralised by the fragments of the changeling throne. Given how powerful the changeling species will grow as it takes over the world, it will not be hard to deal with him when the time comes, provided things are executed in a timely manner.

In the end, the superior species will prevail. Changelings will rule over the world, while all other species willingly throw themselves into extinction, spurred on by the promise of mating with a partner superior to any other. Eventually only changelings will be left, and the few stubborn members of otherspecies resistance groups will be crushed. The world will belong to the changelings, as it should, and that is right. This is what the NCT entails, and the common goal changelings should work to, for the good of their own species and for that of every other creature. All species will find their purpose in sacrificing themselves for the greatness of their betters, and changelings will rule unchallenged over all of creation.

Though changelings are clearly superior, that brings the disadvantage that they cannot be kept as livestock for convenient feeding. Is there anything to prevent a population of changelings keeping a controlled breeding population of other species as livestock for feeding or barter?

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