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Taken from Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi and The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau.

Rules #1 and #3 have been modified.

1. All new threads have to be promoting something or be a topical discussion; it has to be group related. It doesn't actually have to be something of yours.
2. Keep thread titles down to a reasonable length.
3. Wait at least 14 days before repeating a promotion, or doing one that is similar.
4. No direct links to mature stories are allowed. Indirect ones are, as are embeds.
5. Don't insult or flame other users, their stories, their groups, or whatever they are promoting. Be nice.
6. Don't troll.
7. Don't annoy the admins.
8. Add your stories to all the relevant folders. Yes, even the mature ones.
9. Obey all the site rules.

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