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Group Admin

Feel free to introduce yourselves below!

Alright, nuggets! Sit down and shut up, or get shipped out.

My name is ST4RSK1MM3R, and I'm in charge around here. May I be the first to officially welcome you to the Aces of Equestria airbase, home to the finest aviation stories FiMfiction has to offer, based on Strangereal or otherwise.

I'm sure you all are very eager to get out there and start posting and reading about all the crazy aircraft the world has to offer, but first, we must go over some rules. I know, I know, I don't like doing this either, so shut your mouths and we can get through this faster.

Number One: We accept all aviation based stories here! While those based on the Ace Combat games are our main focus here, anything with an airplane in it can be added.

And speaking of adding...

Number Two: Folders.
There will be three main folders, each with their own subfolders.

>Strangereal: This folder is used purely for direct Ace Combat and MLP crossovers, meaning the stories contain characters, locations, and events from the Ace Combat universes.
>ACES: This folder is for those stories inspired by Ace Combat, but not direct crossovers, like, for example, a story based on the evens of Shattered Skies, but using ponies and set in Equestria.
>Blue Skies: This is for everything else aviation related, from Biplanes and Airships of the First World War to Supersonic Jets of today and beyond. This is the only one with subfolders, relating to if the story contains Humans or not.

Anyway, that's all for now. When you leave here, make sure to report in to your assigned Commanding Officer so he can point you to your station.

Recruits, dismissed!

Question: would it also count if the planes were slightly modified with some Star Wars tech?

Group Admin

Depends. Link to example?

Don't have it yet, but basically it goes from biplanes to kind of like jet craft

Group Admin

Then yeah, sure, that's okay. :)

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