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I've built a Skyrim character. Female breton mage, Named Twilight Sparkle. :pinkiecrazy: I know what you'll say "Original much?" :ajbemused: but I'm just doing it for fun cause it seemed funny. but it got me thinking, and I posed this Idea to Sanguine. What would the Mane 6 be in skyrim? What Race would they call their own? I made a list of what I thought seemed right but I want to hear what every one else thinks. let me know if you agree with me or have your own ideas. :twilightsmile: (This is from the unmodded version of Skyrim)

race: Altmer
Branches: Illusion, alteration, enchanting, smithing and speech.

Rainbow Dash:
Race: Bosmer
Branches: Light armor, onehanded, block and destrustion

Race: Nord
Branches: Heavy armor, two handed, block and Speech ( but only till Intimidation)

Pinkie Pie:
Race: Dark elf
Branches: pickpocket, lockpicking sneak, light armor, illusion and one handed

Race ???
Barnches: Restoration, Archery, light armor, Speech and conjuration (She likes to summon animals and I couldn't think of a race she fit best)

I think Flutters would be more of a Bosmer because of her animal affinity. Rainbow on the other hand is closer to a Khajiit or Argonian in some ways. As for Twilight, well she'd be more like a Breton. Just without all of the backstabbing and other such behavior.

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I wasn't sure about Fluttershy, but I can see where your coming from. I was think Zecora would be a Khajiit.

:facehoof: Slag it! I forgot about Zecora and the Khajiit's habit of speaking in rhymes.

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:rainbowlaugh: also, should My Brton Twilight be werewolf, Vampire or neither. I can't decide.

That depends. If you're going with the werewolf and vampire skill lines from Elder Scroll Online which are actually very superior, or using the washed up Skyrim versions. If you're using the Skyrim versions then just drop it, they aren't worth having in game at all and don't really offer you anything but more problems.

Both of them in E.S.O. are actually functional, but still have some problems.

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I'm on the xbox 360 so I'm pretty sure ESO is out. :twilightsheepish:

No worries my friend. I have both of those skill lines and can tell what you need to know. Just let me know and I'll pull up my E.S.O. game and get into those character's data and message you the skill lines' in formation. Although you can also look them up online by Googling Elder Scrolls Online werewolf and vampire skill lines. So either method can work.

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I prefer first hand accounts. A computer can say one thing but experience is totally different. the real question is, will I do either of them. I'm playing the character like Twilight, I plan on mastering all magic branchs, learning all shouts finding all the books that kind of thing. I'm not really sure she'd go for either side.

A good point. I think it would be best to leave out the vampire and werewolf skill lines then. Either will only add more complications and what's more they really aren't necessary for what you're doing.

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good point. :twilightsheepish: sometimes I look so close I miss the obvious.

You and I both man. :eeyup:

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