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Telegram is an instant messenger client, a new up and coming client, and a very popular one.

This group exists not lead y'all to Telegram, but to connect all ponies, gryphons, dragons and other races here to each other via it. This group exists to help you find groups, convention groups, chat groups, art groups and so on. This group exists to help you find channels and stickers, and other toys for your Telegram client.

Ok, time for the official stuff

Banner and icon needed public domain or custom, if anyone can help, we'd appreciate it.
Moderators, right now its me, and with the nature of the group, we don't expect to need more, but time will tell
Behave, discussions are allowed on the forum, but be polite, that's all we ask. No name calling, no abusive behavior, just be nice
Speaking of the forum, post to the correct thread, start a new one only if it makes sense

That's it, this group is here mostly to be a guide, and hopefully I'm a good guide.

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