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Some of you probably read my thread on The Accusation Fic Collection, but it's been established that one lesson the show hasn't taught is that EVERY point of view matters and that one has to look at a problem the way everyone looks at it. Incidentally, is there a fic that does that?

Not really. The only few that comes close are Myriad of thoughts or Anon-a-miss with a twist. Although season 7 finale has confirmed Equestria Girls as Cannon the anon-a-miss is still debatable.

So the answer be a yes no.


I believe what should also be addressed is that the Mane Six’s perspective isn’t the only one that matters. Take what happened with Iron Will in Ponyville as an example:

Iron Will was just a traveling motivational speaker that went around Equestria, teaching ponies how to be more assertive and less of a doormat. And, given his “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”, his seminar proved to be a useful tool to just about every pony that might have needed it. Until Fluttershy, that is. She took his lessons and used them as a means to act nasty to those around them, even when they didn’t do anything to deserve it. It was her own conscious choice to act like that.

Yet! Iron Will is the one blamed for how she acted, for “turning her into a monster”. How do we know this? “One Upon a Zeppelin” gives us the evidence. Twilight has clear animosity for the minotaur, despite never having met him face to face. This tells us that Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie told Twilight their perspective on how things went. And she used it to tell herself that Iron Will was an untrustworthy being. It proves that, in situations that paint one of the six in a bad light, the others will believe their perception on how things played out to try and justify their actions. And it’s bullshit.

Iron Will was only in charge of ship because his seminar business had dried up; I can’t be the only one to believe that it had something to do with what happened in Ponyville.... Look at what happened to Trixie after “Boast Busters” for some evidence behind this thought process.

We need fics to tell that the Mane Six’s opinions aren’t the only ones that matter, and that in fact, can be pretty biased in favor of those within their friend circle.

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