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( yes, I'm making this into an entire universe. While I give permission for fan stories to be created, probably should wait until I finish world building. I won't stop you though. Head canon away. )

A group for stories taking place within the Road to Fame (RtF)verse.

Equestria has been attacked by the Gryphonlands. King Alevrus Ironbeak has declared the gryphon race superior to all, and with information from an ancient spellbook, has figured that the princesses are disposable, replaceable by simple unicorns. The stakes of the war are clear: the death of every Pegasus and earth pony, as well as the capture and enslavement of every unicorn.

In the end, Equestria won it's war, but not without great struggle. In the years following the war, Adventure has grown common place, and in the wake of burning towns and displaced traitors, so has criminal activity, And Equestria has legalized the operation of bounty hunting, opening way to many jobs.

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