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As I'm making progress with converting the model assets from Sins of the Prophets (UNSC ships). I want you guys to be on this, as in choosing your ships.

Click here for a larger picture.

I'm doing the same thing as Frstwlf did for his mods. So that means the ship modules will be the same.

Corvette -Edit Replaced Prowler with Charon.
Battleship- Orion Assault carrier.

But if you have the New ship classes and more mod, I will add more ships.
Escort class will be 2nd place in the destroyer poll.
Strike cruiser- Artemis class or 2nd place in the cruiser poll
Battlecruiser- Valiant class
Light Carrier- Eion class
Carrier- Epoch class
Dreadnaught- Punic Class
Flagship- Guess what it is?

Oh yeah, voting will end next Wednesday.


Which Ships do you want for the mod that I'm working on?

Well, I like PinkieCord.

Changed the corvette poll.

Replace the Prowler with the Charon class, Because I can't find it's assets. Revote if you already voted.

5359878 Halcyon light cruiser, definitely. For the Pillar of Autumn.


Well you need to vote and pray for the best.


Ah, well it looks like Halcyon might have a chance. But we'll see next Wednesday.

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