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Hey everyone that bothers to read this, and welcome to Happily Forever After. I created this group simply because I was tired of so many stories showing immortality/agelessness/whatever you want to call it as the worst thing ever, or showing characters still mourning centuries after their friend died. I wanted a group that looked at the subject with a slightly more positive or at least neutral stance. Thus, on a whim, I created Happily Ever After. I hope you enjoy your stay.

5097818 Thanks Rain.

Group Admin

But, Raine, you can't come to terms with people around you dying naturally. Not even a thousand years after they pass. Don't be so silly.

If you're looking for more stories to add to this group I created a similar group a while back, it's called Ageless Twilight, as she was the focus character of the majority of the depressing immortal fics (still is I think), but I have an "other immortals" folder for non-Twilight fics.
There's over 130 stories in it right now, feel free to copy the list here if you like. I'll likely be using Happily Forever After to add more stories to my group as well.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4
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