Welcome to Hogwarts Sc- Ahem, I mean, welcome to Celestia's School of Friendship and Magic!

This is a group ENTIRELY for crossovers of Harry Potter and MLP!

Only a few small rules:


2. Only Harry Potter/MLP Crossovers.

3. Be respectful to ponies and people.

Failure to comply will earn you either a detention with Pinkamena Snape or being banned.

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Welcome, here is your schedule!

Transfiguration with Prof. Minerva McStarswirl
Charms with Prof. Filius Derpy
Potions with Prof. Pinkamena Snape
History of Magic with Prof. Rarity Binns
Care of Magical Creatures with Prof. Flutter Hagridshy
Defence Against the Dark Arts with Prof. Remus Sparkle
Astronomy with Prof. Octavia Sinistra
Herbology with Prof. Ponymona Applesprout
Flying with Madame Rainbow Hooch

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