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Michael Hudson
Group Admin

The folders are there to make sure you know what changed characters are in what fics, and may change/have more added to them if you all want them. These are the explanations for the possibly less obvious ones, and why two of them can only be added by admins.

Start: So, this folder is entirely inspired by my forrays into the darker side of fimfiction, including another universe that will not be named. I sooner or later got it pointed out to me that I had read the wrong story to begin with, and thus had been given the wrong impression of the world. This folder is to stop that from ever happening. Fear Me for My Name is Twaith, and MAYBE one other story I have planned should EVER be in that folder, so as to avoid the confusion. It's also there because next to all of the elements of Twaith come, or extend, from it.

Canon: Not hard to understand here, but these are the stories with my stamp of approval, that legitimately happened, and needed to happen at some point for future canon stories. Admin only just so someone can't accidentally put it there, or put it there so as to get more people to read it.

Loose Canon/Not Canon: These are for the Succulights and Spectrometers, where their importance is marginal, or non-existent to most Twaith stories, either because they simply are not canon, or are not considered big or important enough to be an element of the world that has to be there. This is the open one.

And that's all. Happy posting everyone!

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