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Michael Hudson
Group Admin

Alright, KISS principle.

1)Keep it Twaithverse related. Self promotion is only allowed for this subject, conversation's should be kept at least tangentially to this topic, things like that.

2) Stay friendly, stay nice. This is just a normal online rule, but it does have to be stated. I mean, Twilight stays nice with a heart of ice, if she has one, we all can keep to being neighborly too.

3)Put stories into the folders they're meant for. No limit on how many, just do not add them to all of them because you think you can, This goes double for canon, and non canon, and if anything ever enters start, I will freeze you where you stand. The folders are like that to help people who want to make stories of their own while keeping the facts as straight, or not straight, as they want. Besides, there are plenty of others.

4)Normal site rules. No NSFW posts, no linking mature fics, because we are not a mature group, not yet at least, though broken links are fine, and no inappropriate pictures. Again, normal rules, but they need to be stated.

I will be going by a three strikes you're out policy. I catch you three times, I, or other admins, will ban you, and it will take a lot to make us let you back in. Sorry, but I think that's the cleanest way to go about it. You will be told when you break one how many strikes you have, and if time has passed, you've been good, such like that, you may find yourself without as many strikes. Again, simple. This thread is not locked so I can hear feedback from all of you.

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