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The rules for posting here is simple.

1. It must be related to the conflict in Syria. Duh. It doesn't necessarily have to be military related, it can involved politics that will effect the war, for example.

2. Please provide a source for if there is an attack or push in the war effort, or any other Syrian related news. We don't want to have people posting this group did this without and valid source of conformation.

3. Don't post or link to military videos that includes gore. This is not a NSFW group, site rules still apply and where will be no images or videos of dead bodies or bloody limbs.

4. Do not start a flame war in the war room. If you have conflicting views on the war effort and of the factions in it, please take care of expressing it. We don't need to start our own civil war. If possible, when looking for any news, try to be as least bias as you can; we want to best and most accurate news.

5. If you find that a source someone posted is either wrong, or contradicts another source you found that is more reliable, then that thread will be locked as false info. There will be no penalty on the poster of the source.

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