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Hello there, dears! I'm your Boss-pony, Applejack, and I'm glad to have you work here!

Don't mind the smoke coming from the machines, it won't hurt you- much. Miss Dash, will you come over here to help our new recruit get into the swing of things?

Oh, h-hi. I guess I'm supposed to help you, although I don't know that I'd be much help. This is the Apple Family Apple Industries, but everypony here calls it the Apple Factory. Don't be too confident around the Boss- she may seem sweet and friendly, but cross her and she'll- oh, I shouldn't be spilling to you. Overseer Bloom might be watching us. She sees everything, she's Miss Applejack's eyes and ears around here.

See that room with all of the trees? That's where you'll be working. Stay out of trouble, now, darling!

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