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Yang from RWBY versus Tiffa from Final Fantasy. For those of you who have not seen this yet I would like to ask who you think will win?

I don't know who they are. And I don't care for screwattack because they piled on with the Superman beats Goku every time thing. Everyone keeps ignoring the fact that Goku actually has Superman level strength, and that Superman DOES NOT have unlimited power.

4800055 I can agree to that but I have to ask, how have you not seen the show RWBY done by Rooster Teeth? I can understand that not very many have played the old Final Fantasy games. and if you enjoy a good fight its worth watching for a moment even if you don't agree with the out come.


Not unbeatable. And Goku has now reached god level power.

4801206 Why is it that everyone ASSumes that?

I don't care for either character more than the other because they are both good. I am not an obsessive fan. I am looking at it from both sides, and what I see is that people choose one side (regardless of which characters it is) and completely ignore any possibility of their fave losing.

The ONLY reason anyone can ever seen to give for why Goku can't win is that he doesn't have Kryptonite, Magic, or red sun weapons. The issue I have with this, and the reason I get so annoyed by it is that they are completely ignoring the fact that Doomsday nearly killed Superman WITHOUT any of those. It was literally just a fist fight, and he nearly died.

The same thing happens when someone asks about Superman vs Hulk. Because Hulk doesn't have Kryptonite, magic, or red sun weapons he automatically loses because Superman.

Superman's powers are fueled by solar energy. The more he exerts himself the more of his stored power he uses up. Contrary to popular belief his power is not unlimited. Both Hulk and Goku, as well as a lot of characters from Marvel, DC, and other sources can fight Superman on his level.

What I am 'butthurt' over is that everyone willingly ignores the facts in favor just saying "Dur, cause Superman!"

4800010 I apologize for turning your thread into a completely different debate.

4801305 No, no, no, by all means share your thoughts and opinions that is what makes it all the more enjoyable. I could care less if four or five more people joined in with their thoughts on the matter surrounding your original thought; so long as it remains as thought provoking as possible even if it goes off the original topic.

Though I can understand both of your point of views the reason the two fights between Goku and Superman spark the most controversy than any other fight between two characters out there is as they said at the end of the second fight, Goku is the type of person nearly everyone looks up to as a means to find inspiration to push further on even when things get tough; while Superman is the type to be that ever solid foundation that reminds people what values we once held when we where younger.

Both are more than willing to set their lives on the line to aid those in need of their strength, as are many of those who are willing to fight today wishing to make tomorrow a better day.

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