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I think that'd be awesome.:rainbowkiss:

5431396 Depends on whether or not they ever return to the Arkham series, Arkham Origins got a lot of flack upon its release, and Arkham Knight was the intended grand finale that turned out to be a huge disappointment in many ways. Having struck out twice, I don't know if WB will be willing to let the Arkham Series continue outside of possibly that Arkham VR game they teased at E3.

5431404 I had my expectations set really low before I played Arkham Knight, and that made the game my favorite in the series, funnily enough.

5431441 I'd probably have enjoyed it a lot more if they'd taken out the Batmobile, or just kept it as an occasional gimmick, instead of having you use it all the time for everything. On top of that, the Arkham Knight being Jason Todd was a very poorly disguised plot twist that everyone had figured out, it would've been a lot better if the knight had been his own character or even someone who had more of an actual reason to side with Scarecrow.

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5431396 I would love to play a game with Azrael, not to mention the Red Hood, Nightwing, and Catwoman.

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