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Had one cared not, no dispute would be had.
The dress is in three pictures. One is Hera, the other Aphrodite, the last Athena.
Who is truly the most beautiful?
No one can tell me.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and regardless of who is the most beautiful in truth, the world will still disagree.
Choose one, and the followers of the losing two will lash out.
War shall begin, millions will die.
All because one was chosen to be more beautiful than the others.

Go ahead, choose. But once you do, your choice will be fixed on a lie.
The truth is neither the color of the dress nor ignoring how dumb it may seem.
The ones who remain neutral within war will be dragged in by the ones that did not.
This dispute is inevitable.

I, for one, am not in any position to choose what I think the color is. I'm merely here to present this object and watch any and everything quarrel over it.
Like with the Trojan War, I don't care if Aphrodite is more beautiful than Hera or Athena. I don't even care if the Greeks beat the Trojans. I don't care.

The Chaos.... that's what I desire.

I blame the light. That's all I say.

Ice Feather
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4121727 Its me, HERA.

( im da best )

I recall that contest. I must say, it was a touch disappointing seeing one so intrinsically attuned to love create such a cause for heart-ache with so little concern.

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