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Empirical Deduction
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Now that we have a couple-dozen members in the group, I'll wager we have enough for a chat or two.

With that in mind, I'm curious: what do you all think of immortality? You've no doubt read various takes on it already, but is it something you personally see as blessing, curse, both or neither? Would it be something you want, and at what cost? What do you see as troublesome or beneficial?

(Oh yes - keep it civil; argument is fine, even desirable, but don't bicker.)

for me? Beneficial, plus 80 years is way too small, atleast 3 thousand years...aAlthough at times it could be a curse, but that's life.

I'd post more, but meh.

I'd appreciate it.

Anything really is only what you make of it. Like social values - something created of multiple concurring thoughts that give something value or weight. In any case, I have a handful of ambitious dreams that could take a while to come to fruition; like planting a redwood. I'd like to see these thins before I exit the stage, perhaps even continue planning...guiding...shaping...

...for a long while. After all, there's a lot to live for. Why not live more?

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